Colonial Purchasing’s 5th Annual Event

Staying in business means being able to adjust but there is a world of difference between over-hasty reactions to a declining market and prompt, well thought-through actions. While there is no one-size-fits-all strategy, there are opportunities to be found in unrelated industries. This year’s conference will explore where replicators share their experiences about potential revenue streams that they can use to better utilize their current capitalization.

From: April 25 2013
To: April 26 2013
Location: Evergreen Marriott Conference Resort, Stone Mountain, Georgia, USA

MEDIA-TECH conference

The MEDIA-TECH Conference Europe will feature all of the key players within the Packaged Media market and will look at the current marketplace and future business models. The event will discuss all aspects of Blu-ray technology to redefine the link between physical and digital media.

From: June 11 2013
To: June 12 2013
Location: Hamburg, Germany

Future of Entertainment Summit 2013

This year, the Futuresource Entertainment Summit will be exploring the business opportunities and strategies surrounding entertainment technologies, platforms and delivery systems. Bringing together disparate industry segments, from tablets to 4K, Smart TV to online and mobile gaming, social networks to evolving consumer behaviours,

From: July 04 2013
To: July 04 2013
Location: London, UK