Bridging the gap between content and delivery

D2D is the only global trade publication serving the industry behind the origination and distribution of content – the technology of content from conception to consumption. Whether packaged media or digital delivery, D2D covers the production, technology and security of content, whether home entertainment or business-based, throughout all aspects and facets of its progression through the supply chain.

Our readership, which covers the Americas, Europe, and the Far East, includes:

  • Content owners (studios, record labels, software houses, games companies…)
  • Content delivery providers (bricks and mortar retailers, online and digital delivery…)
  • Service providers (audio pre-mastering, authoring, test and verification, audio/video restoration, marketing…)
  • Equipment manufacturers (authoring systems, mastering machines, replication lines, testing systems, auxiliary equipment…)
  • Disc manufacturers (duplicators, replicators, blank media manufacturers, brokers…)
  • Design, packaging and fulfillment providers
  • Raw material manufacturers (polycarbonate, ink, targets, packaging materials…)
  • Licensing and format bodies Industry associations
  • Analysts, consultants and industry experts

D2D’s unbiased editorial content ranges from in-depth discussions of the latest technology to comment, company visits and executive interviews and profiles, bridging the gap between the art of content and the science of delivery platforms. A steering committee of key companies and associations works with D2D to ensure that the industry’s executives and members not only read about developments but help to make the news and drive forward the magazine’s content.